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Speak Up For Sport

Speak Up For Sport

A Program Designed Specifically for Athletes


Do you need help to gain and retain sponsors for your sporting career?

Mange your social media professionally?

Gain confidence in media interviews and public speaking?

Know how to put together a great speech?


We have been helping young athletes for more than a decade to gain the professional skills required for every young (and not so young) athlete. The program focuses on sponsorship, social media, media interviews and public speaking.

The program was designed specifically for athletes to help them with their ‘off the field’ skills.  This is how we can help you, your club or your team.


The Program Outline – Speak Up For Sport

Sponsorship for Sport

Learn how to:

  • Gain sponsors to support your sporting career
  • Assist your sponsor by promoting them whenever possible
  • Maintain and keep your sponsorship
  • Create a good relationship with your sponsor


Social Media for Sport

Learn how to:

  • Protect your reputation, your sponsorships and your sport on social media
  • Use social media effectively and positively
  • Create a loyal group of supporters on social media


Media Interviews for Sport

Learn how to:

  • Complete a successful media interview (any medium)
  • Represent you, your sponsor and your sport professionally in the media
  • Dress for success for the interview
  • Create the contacts to help you gain better exposure


Public Speaking for Sport

Learn how to:

  • Prepare any speech (thank you, introduction or a longer speech) in a quick easy way
  • Dress for success to impress your audience
  • Present a speech the audience will enjoy listening to
  • Beat those nerves and become more confident
  • Enjoy public speaking

"Speak Up For Sport is a well-rounded program beneficial for all ages and experience levels. It's provided me with reassurances and many new tips on how to optimize media opportunities. The course has not only assisted my sporting and professional endeavors, it’s also had a positive effect on my personal life. Karen's personal help has been much appreciated and knowing she is available to answer any questions is the icing on the cake! Speak Up For Sport is a must for any aspiring sports person!”

Steve Cain – Australian Decathlete

Who can do Speak Up For Sport?

The program is open to athletes of any sport and age. We have trained athletes as young as eight, from local level through to Olympic level. We work with individual athletes or with a team or group of athletes.

Do we have to complete all modules of the program?

To be an all-round professional athlete ‘off the field’, we suggest that you complete all four modules. You can choose to complete one module at a time until you have completed all modules. We will be adding additional modules to the program in the future.

Speak Up For Sport – a brief history

Speak Up For Sport was designed by Karen Smythe (The Vibrant Edge) and James O’Shea (formerly WIN Television) specifically for Sports Darling Downs, to help young athletes present themselves professionally in media interviews or public speeches.

"Speak Up For Sport is one of our best initiatives. At some stage during an athlete's life they will be called upon to speak, either in accepting a trophy or award at a function. This program helps them adapt to that occasion. To see the progression of some of the athletes from their first time to when they finish the course is nothing short of unbelievable."

Mick Smith - Chairman Sports Darling Downs